How opens-per-opener email marketing metrics is represented in your industry

Someone opens an email, but how many times.

That’s basically all this is. But depending on your business – this could hold some serious value.

Especially if you find the people who open your email more than once are more likely to action.

We’re looking at the averages – which Australia, New Zealand and Canada top at around almost twice for every email!


Mean: 1.6%

Median: 1.4%

Top quartile: 2.4%

Bottom quartile: 1.2%

Opens-per-opener by industry 

Guess who hit the highests number on here?

The insurance industry!

I know right. My feeling is that people are comparing their results so often going back to emails for reference. 

They double the leisure industry!

But closely after insurance you’ll find the brands selling B2B will do well and expensive products.

Likely because these come purchases come with more thought and consideration, as well consulting further opinions before making the purchase.

IndustryMeanMedianTop quartileBottom quartile
Airlines & Transportation1.
Banks & Financial Services1.
Computer Hardware & Telecoms1.
Computer Software & Online Services1.
Consumer Products & Services1.
Corporate Services2.
Energy & Environmental1.
Food & Beverage1.
Hospitals, Healthcare & Biotech1.
Industrial Manufacturing & Services2.
Leisure, Sports & Recreation1.
Lodging, Travel Agencies & Services1.
Marketing & Advertising1.
Media & Publishing1.
Nonprofits, Associations & Government1.
Real Estate, Construction & Building1.
Retail & Ecommerce1.
Schools & Education1.

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