How to use transactional open rates to upsell and boost sales in email marketing

You’re on a website, bought a product and the next thing you know, you’ve got an order confirmation email, an e-receipt, delivery confirmation, and sometimes a few emails thrown in there.

You know how you’re quite likely to check them to make sure things are in order?

OK, so maybe not all of them. For some companies, like Amazon, we’re so used to them we might not check them at all. 

Either way, your customers view these – A LOT!

And like we said earlier, this can be a great chance to upsell with mean and median unique open rates of 43.8% and 43.9% respectively, and 73.4% in the top quartile. 


Mean: 43.8%

Median: 43.9%

Top quartile: 73.4%

Bottom quartile: 13.9%


Mean: 19.7%

Median: 23.8%

Top quartile: 47.6%

Bottom quartile: 6.9%

To a degree, this isn’t an area owned by a lot of marketing teams. So speak with team responsible for these emails, jump in and run some tests.


It’s not just opens, they’re well engaged with too!

Check out our blog post telling you how make sure your transactional emails are getting the clicks they need.

How well do your transactional emails perform?

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