What CTRs (Click-Through-Rates) can you expect from your marketing emails?

The CTR (Click-Through-Rate) measures recipient action (link clicks) in a marketing email message.

It’s a more revealing metric than the open rate as it’s primarily driven by the content, value and design of the message. 

Focusing on how people take action with our emails can often be more revealing than simply open rates.

I also like to see where people are clicking on our emails too! It’s a great place to pick up patterns and tidy your emails to focus on what people react to.

Average CTRs

Mean: 3.8%

Median: 1.7%

Top quartile: 11.1%

Bottom quartile: 0.2%

Click-through rates by industry 

So, people click emails about computer equipment on computers! Who’d of thought. 

Automotive, who has one of the highest open rates, see’s 10% of people click their emails. However, we’d say aim 5% typically and you should be on the right track.

IndustryMeanMedianTop quartileBottom quartile
Airlines & Transportation4.42.312.20.3
Banks & Financial Services3.
Computer Hardware & Telecoms7.31.923.50.3
Computer Software & Online Services4.11.512.80.2
Consumer Products & Services5.
Corporate Services3.81.711.20.2
Energy & Environmental6.54.715.50.1
Food & Beverage4.
Hospitals, Healthcare & Biotech3.
Industrial Manufacturing & Services3.
Leisure, Sports & Recreation3.81.511.40.2
Lodging, Travel Agencies & Services3.71.511.10.4
Marketing & Advertising4.52130.2
Media & Publishing3.
Nonprofits, Associations & Government2.
Real Estate, Construction & Building3.
Retail & Ecommerce3.
Schools & Education4.81.914.70.3

Don’t forget

Using the same old CTR’s like “Read More” or “Click Here” doesn’t cut it anymore.

If you’re promoting, make your promo the CTA –  “Get Free Shipping”, “Check for your size” or even simply “Claim your 10% Discount”

Be creative. Test it against your traditional style. And tell me I’m wrong!

You can also try this on your website, but I wouldn’t be so fruitful here.

How has testing different CTA’s effected your email marketing?

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