Why do transactional email CTRs (Click-Through-Rates) perform so well for marketing?

We’ve mentioned how transacitonal emails perform in previous blog posts.

And that was mainly focused on the open rates you’ll get from there. Huge! Big Big Numbers! You could describe them the way Trump described anything about himself.

But it’s not just open rates which carry all the weight. We need interaction. We need clicks through to purchases.

How many people click through to your emails? It’s likely around 2%.

So how does 28% sound? Well that’s the top end of the scale. But 8.7% CTR is what you’ll likely be looking.

8.7% – for most companies, that’s double.

It’s also worth baring in mind that these figures are from international brands, or those with a strong position in their industry.

And guess what – some of these brands aren’t using this opportunity to do anything other than inform. Check it out below:


Mean: 8.7%

Median: 2.6%

Top quartile: 28.1%

Bottom quartile: 0%


Mean: 3.8%

Median: 1.7%

Top quartile: 11%

Bottom quartile: 0.2%

Compare your transactional email to non-transaction and you can see how well they perform! 

For the most part, twice or even triple the results!

Don’t forget what we mentioned earlier though. Use these emails to upsell.

Convert single buyers into subscribers.

Hobbyists – your telescope buyer might want another lens! Sell a big order of fishing gear? They’ll need all the extra tackle.

Heck there’s a good chance your customers have even forgotten something. If that could be the case, like a burger order with no bus, write it in your email!

Did you want fries with that? Missing some buns?

There’s a huge chance your buyer will actually need the items your promoting in your transactional email.

Use flows to support your transactional marketing emails

Using flows on Klaviyo or Shopify if the perfect way to execute transactional emails. You can have products grouped so then when somebody buys a particular product, you’re able to inform a person of what they might need to go with it.

Add value to your product or service! If you’re not adding value, you’re losing out on upwards of an extra 25% sales!

And with so many people guaranteed to open a transactional email, can you really afford to miss out on that much profit?

You can also further your offer by mentioning that if they act fast, it’ll be delivered with their main order! As well as offer advice on how they can use the products they’ve just bought.

If you’re selling a product with a subscription option, there’s two things you want to be doing.

  1. Give the user a final chance to subscribe – sell the benefits of subscriptions. This email should arrive just after the transaction is completed, while the user is in the buying phase.
  2. If the user doesn’t subscribe, I’d set an automated flow to offer your customer user an incentive to subscribe after they’ve tried your product. I recommend this email arrives the day after their product arrive.

Your goal is to get subscribers – because it makes like so much easier, and massively increases your LTV (LifeTime Value) of a customer.

Understand what you want a customer to do. Do you want them to buy a basic item, or is their room to sell all the extras.

What products do you sell which have perfect up-selling partner products?

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